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The 2015 Individual Open Enrollment Period (OEP) is November 15, 2014 - February 15, 2015.


The OptimaFitSM Individual & Family Plans for 2015 will include a new rewards program where members can earn up to

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2015 Optima Health Individual & Family Plans


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Virtual Appointments, Empowered by MDLIVE


Sentara Healthcare has partnered with MDLIVE, a national telehealth company, to expand access to quality, convenient healthcare for the community through the offering of virtual appointments.  As an Optima Health member, you are able to take advantage of this benefit for the cost of a normal PCP visit.



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Next Time You Get Sick, Get Connected and Speak to a Doctor On Your Time.


For additional questions, please feel free to contact your current agent or the agent listed under “Questions” on the website.

Annual Nuestra Feria - Business, Family, Cultural and Job Fair
Each year, the HRHCC hosts its National Nuestra Feria event featuring scores of exhibitors from the Hampton Roads area as well as state and national organizations and corporations. The event is the area’s largest networking venue for Hispanic businesses and corporations interested in the Latino/Hispanic market. The event affords vendors and corporations the opportunity to establish partnerships where business opportunities can flourish.  It is a great event for families celebrate their Latino culture as we have food from many Latin-American countries, folkloric dances and live performances by local talent.  Many of our own members participate as exhibitors or vendors, and this event gives them another opportunity to promote their business to a wide audience in a fun and festive environment.  SAVE THE DATE:  06/06/15

Annual Lunch - Business Recognition and Scholarship Awards
We hosted our first annual Business Lunch on the official Ten Year Anniversary of HRHCC - May 31, 2013.  Previously we hosted this event as an evening dinner cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk in 2011 and 2012, to honor some of our distinguished members and partners, and a well-known member of our community as the key-note speaker.    It also gives the Chamber the chance to recognize our outstanding partners, sponsors and members. SAVE THE DATE:  5/29/15

Latino Youth
Latino youth is a fast-growing segment with great importance for the HRHCC.  We are looking for ways of improving their chances of succeeding in the future.  Since 2011, we have awarded eight scholarships to well deserving students, many of whom are currently enrolled at various higher education institutions in the state of Virginia.  In 2013 we were thankful for the opportunity to provide an award to our first DACA recipient.  We will continue to provide more scholarships in the coming years.  Our Chamber and our members are in a great position to also provide Latino youth with learning opportunities in a business setting.  The chamber has provided several summer internships in the past and is looking to develop ongoing partnerships with local universities and community colleges to support their internship efforts as well.  

Monthly After Hours Business Mixers
The Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber promotes Business to Business Networking through our monthly After Hours Business Mixers.  In the fall of 2012 we began offering two monthly networking events; one in the Peninsula and another one in the Southside, to allow all our members a platform to meet on a regular basis with other members and guests who happen to do business "in their own backyard".  The After Hours Business Mixers are perfect times to get to know the Chamber and to meet other fellow members of HRHCC.  

Any member in good standing (Membership Dues have been paid and are current) can host an After Hours Business Mixer.  The event allows the hosts to showcase their business in front of a live audience.  Members and guests get to know the office or business of the host and see and learn about their products and services.  Another great benefit for hosting an After Hour Business Mixer that we promote the event in advance via e-mail blast, on our events calendar, Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Twitter - Another great opportunity to showcase your business to a wide audience.  We will host a total of 22 After Hours Business Mixers in 2014!  To help you plan we have listed the dates on our events calendar through June 2014, and many dates are still waiting for a partnering host.  Sometime in May/June we will list dates for Mixers through November 2014. 

HRHCC Dinner Gala Fundraiser
Our Ten Year Anniversary Gala held on December 6, 2013 was a great opportunity to celebrate a wonderful milestone for HRHCC and honor our Founders for their efforts and commitment to the Latino/Hispanic entrepreneurs of Hampton Roads.  In previous years we have been honored to welcome as guests Virginia Governors Timothy Kaine and Bob McDonnell, and former Regent University's President Dr. Carlos Campo.  The event provides chamber members, Hispanic business leaders, and corporate executives the opportunity to get together and celebrate our annual accomplishments.  Starting in 2014, the main  purpose of this event will be to raise funds for our Education Foundation.  More details will be shared in 2014 as we complete the process of establishing our 501(c)(3) non-profit Education Foundation, for the purpose of affording scholarships and educational opportunities within our local Latino/Hispanic community.

Member to Member Benefits
We encourage our members to make special offers available to other members of our Chamber.  If you are a member and have a special offer for other members, we will publish the offer online and we will send it as part of our monthly newsletter.

Community Outreach

In 2011, we began partnering with other organizations who provide resources, services, and help in the community.   We help promote and support cultural events, free classes, job fairs, business expos and Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations.  In addition, we work with city and state governments on an ongoing bases to share and promote available services and resources to our community.  

Early in 2013 HRHCC was one of three non-profit organizations in Virginia who received a special $25,000 donation from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, at a press conference held in Richmond, Virginia.  With this award we were able to partner with the local Spanish radio station (Selecta 10 AM) for live monthly half hour informational segments to share information with our local Latino/Hispanic community about the rights and responsibilities of tenants/renters, as well as learning about qualifying for a home loan.  Additionally, we communicated and shared this relevant information at every opportunity possible, including our monthly and annual scheduled events throughout the year.  Starting in 2014 we plan to partner with local religious institutions that cater to a Latino/Hispanic fellowship and get the information pamphlets in the hands of their members.

Legal Clinics

We have an ongoing effort to recruit attorneys and law firms to join HRHCC as members and foster opportunities to partner with us to create Legal clinics to be offered in a pro-bono basis to members and our community.  The main areas of focus are immigration, incorporation of a business, intellectual property, housing, criminal defense, criminal prosecution.  If you are an attorney or a law firm and are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

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