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The 2010 Census shows a great increase in the Hispanic population in Hampton Roads.  The Hispanic population in Hampton Roads almost doubled since 2000.  According to the 2010 census, the current Hispanic Population in the area is of 88,777 which translates to a 5.4% of the total population in the area.  Other reports that take into account individuals that are present in Hampton Roads with the Military, work visa's, student visa's, and undocumented estimate the Hispanic population in the area to be from 150,000 to 200,000.

In James CitySuffolk, and Williamsburg the Hispanic population tripled.  In Norfolk, Chesapeake, Isle of Wight, York County, Poquoson the Hispanic population doubled.  Other counties experienced a growth of no less than 50.3%, except for Mathews with a growth of 42.5%.  The largest Hispanic populations are found in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake and Hampton.   

Hispanic businesses in Hampton Roads continue to grow as well.  Most of these businesses are in construction and professional services; many in retail, real estate, and food services; and some in manufacturing and financial services.  According to the 2007 Economic Census, there were about 2,300 Hispanic owned firms in Hampton Roads.

While the census counts the number of people with Hispanic heritage, it cannot measure the total number of people that are part of our community through marriage, business, volunteer work, music, food, dance, religion, etc 

View/Download Hampton Roads Hispanic Population - Census 2010 - compiled by the HRHCC.

View/Download Hampton Roads Hispanic Growth - Census 2010 - compiled by the HRHCC.


In Virginia, the Hispanic population reached 7.9% of the total Virginia population in 2010.  The Hispanic population grew at a 92% growth rate.  This growth contributed to one-third of the state's total growth.  This means that one out of every three new Virginians in the past decade was Hispanic.  

View/Download Virginia Hispanic Population Information by Localities Census 2010. 

United States

In the US, the Hispanics constitute 16.3% of the total population or 50.3 million making it the largest of all the minority groups.  The Hispanic population grew by 15.2 million between 2000 and 2010 and accounted for more than half of the total U.S. population increase of 27.3 million. Between 2000 and 2010, the Hispanic population grew by 43 percent, or four times the nation's 9.7 percent growth rate. 

Other Facts

  • Among Virginia's population under 18 years of age, Hispanics account for 11.1%.
  • The Hispanic population average household size is 3.5.
  • Hispanic population median age is 27 years.
  • In 2010, 63 percent of Hispanics 25 and older had a high school education or higher; there were 3.9 million Hispanics 18 and older with a bachelor’s degree or higher; 1 million Hispanics 18 and older had an advanced degree (see Educational Attainment in the United States: 2010 Detailed Tables)
  • In 2009, 12 percent of college students, undergraduate and graduate students, were Hispanic; and 20 percent of elementary and high school students were Hispanic (see School Enrollment – Social and Economic Characteristics of Students: October 2009).
  • Hispanics have been present in the US territory since the 1565 founding of St. Augustine, Florida.  If we take into account San Juan, Puerto Rico as being the oldest city in the US, then Hispanics have had a presence since 1521.  
  • In Hampton Roads, Spanish Jesuits established the "Ajacan Mission" settlement in 1570.  They knew the Chesapeake Bay as the "Bahia de Madre de Dios" or "Bahia de Santa Maria".

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